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"I've been extremely happy with my choice to work with Jason. He's been giving me intense workouts that push me to become stronger and I'm seeing results after just 6 weeks." - Shelly W.

About Jason
As your personal trainer, I’ll create a customized plan that helps you lose weight and shape up.

I have developed a system of exercise that allows for all levels of ability. I will use my expertise to customize a plan just for you, whether it’s weight loss, muscle tone or you just want to learn how to exercise.

In addition to studying exercise and sports science at Wayne State University, I hold a certification with the American Council of Exercise. This means that I have a more in depth and scientific understanding of the human body and exercise than someone who simply went online and took a test.

I believe in safety first and will never put my clients in a situation where they are going to hurt themselves, if we need to go slow in order to improve form then that's what we will do, this way you are able to perfect an exercise in order to gain maximum benefit while reducing the chance of injury.

I love working one on one with clients. I know from personal experience how hard it is to change unhealthy habits and I love helping my clients realize that they can make these changes. Watching a client reach a specific goal and then surpass it is an unbelievable feeling both for the client and for myself.

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